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Community Manager

Mar 2023 - Present

I joined the Wix Studio Community team in March 2023 and have played a role in providing a stage for users to share their knowledge, experience and insights.

Some of my favourite moments so far:

  • Meeting the community in person at the Wix Studio education events in London.

  • Being more transparent with our community through the Wix Product Roadmap and Known Issues page.

  • Launching the Wix Studio Forum - migrating and combining our previous 3 forums into one space for web professionals using Wix Studio to ask, share, learn and find answers.

  • Hosting Studio Hours - a chance for the community to connect, share feedback, and meet our product teams directly.

There are many more moments I could (and maybe should) add!

The best part is we're only just beginning - and you best believe that INCREDIBLE things are coming.

2 By 2 Websites Logo

Founder & Owner

2 By 2 Websites
Jun 2021 - Mar 2023

In 2021, I established 2 By 2 Websites, a venture that began as a web design and graphic communication agency.

Over the 2 years running 2 By 2 Websites, I developed several critical skills that contributed significantly to the growth and success of the agency. This skills included:

  • Proficiency in development through the use of Velo

  • Honed my design skills with Wix

  • Expertise in creating responsive designs utlizing Editor X

Beyond my professional achievements, I dedicated my time to serving as a Moderator within the Wix Partners Facebook Community, where I played a pivotal role in fostering a supportive and informative environment. My contributions and leadership were further recognized through becoming a Community Leader for both Velo and Editor X, positions in which I guided and supported users in maximizing the platforms' potential.

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